Movie Management & Solutions

Before Movie Going on Floors

  Media Planning & Buying: We will get you on with the best possible rates of Media for you to plan & buy for the movie as required
  Creative’s: Designing all publicity creative’s, conceptualizing the publicity stunts to create a Buzz in the market
  In-Film Branding Tie-Ups: Getting In-Film Placements and Brand Tie-Ups for the movie; Media Tie-Ups; Online & Offline Media including Outdoor, Radio, Print, TVCs and others; Marketing & Co-branding Tie-Ups

During Movie on Floors

  Selling Satellite Rights
  Trailer or First Look Designing
  PR: Getting insertions in leading and regional newspapers; Getting media bites in channels; Airing on radio channels
  Digital Media Management & Marketing

Once Movie is shot and for Release

  Tie-Up with Outdoor & Radio Partners
  Hosting Premiere
  Hosting Exclusive Events
  Event Associations
  City Tours